Saturday, December 6, 2008

In the land of Good 'n' Plenty

So, I have been here almost three weeks, and according to all of the people I have met I have done more in the short time I have been here than most do in the first six months.

(they don't know me very So, last night I was invited to a party at the embassy with the marines here.... there weren't a lot of people there as most have left for the holiday, but it was fun. I met some great new friends and had a really nice time. The embassy is a pretty neat looking place. I didn't take any pics there though, as I wasn't sure if I should.

Then that same night my friend Mattie picked me up and took me to a yacht party that his friend was hosting. NICE BOAT!!!! Four bed four bath... Here I am in the middle east eating lobster and lamb and drinking a veeery expensive bottle of champagne, which, by the way, here in the Mid East is 3x the cost. One glass of Moet....$75 usd!
 HAILED!!! Of all things! We had a freak storm this afternoon and it poured down buckets for hours. Then there were hail stones falling from the sky! That is something that I never imagined I would see here. I took pics of the sky but all you see are clouds... (my camera didn't capture the rain...ugh) but even clouds out here are hard to come by.

So, there I was a few short weeks ago, ridding myself of most of my worldly possessions so that I could become freer, live life more fully with less and be more mobile. And let's face it, I had no place to really store all that stuff anyway... lol

I figured I was moving to a land where spirituality (in what ever form they see it here) is prevelant. That living lightly was the way to go....and here I find myself in the land of PLENTY... plenty of malls, plenty of shopping, plenty of fast food joints, plenty of big, fancy cars, plenty of yachts, plenty of people wearing plenty of diamonds, plenty of women veying for attention with their Gucci and Prada and plenty of men showing off their houses and cars and....YACHTS, and Bentlys....

Ahhh the irony.

So much for living

I went to a club the other night called The Pearl.. there they have this deadly, and I mean DEADLY drink called, aptly, the Lambourghini. I have know idea what they put in it, but it glows. And then they light it aflame and you have to suck it through the straw before the flame reaches the glass you are drinking from or you will inhale fire. (the drink itself is flammable, as are the straws as attested by the fact that i was too slow and my straw began to melt AS I WAS DRINKING)

Pics are attached ... it is a tower of flaming booze.

So, I am now officially a resident of Doha, with all the privledges that brings... like free medical andd......and..... er... ummm....oh, no taxes.


Ok, it's late and I am going to sleep. Enjoy the pics and thank you everyone who sends me little notes and emails attached to these blogs. They make me feel good and keep me linked to the real world.

All in all, it's good to be here, having this adventure, meeting the people I am meeting and gaining new knowledge about myself.

And there are plenty of things here... plenty of entertainment options and plenty of reasons to have taken this adventure on.

miss you all.

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- Yp - said...

Hello Niki,
My 1st day browsing your blog and .... I am hooked to it.
I must say, I enjoyed reading you and did not realise, cribbing about so many pages, din't realise when I reached to the last word..
I enjoyed it and good to learn how you adjusted so well to totally different culture and surroundings so easily - and most importantly - you are happy and smiling all the times..
Keep up the good work.
With best of wishes,
- Yp -