Thursday, July 30, 2009

an adventure within an adventure

Hi all!! Sorry it's been a while.. "Someone" kept erasing the history on my computer thus erasing certain cookies therefore leaving me having to guess how to get into this blog account....and it took a while as you can see, but no fear, I remembered where I hid the password info and here I am..two days before I leave for South Africa for August.
I KNOW!!! I am almost as excited for me as you are!!!! I remember looking into volunteer trips to SA 8 years ago, and finding a company that I thought I'd like to sign up with. Unfortunately things never worked out, and that co. seems to have vanished.
But being here, I thought if I passed up the opportunity to do this, I would never forgive myself. And not really having any clear cut idea of how long I am going to be here, it's now or possibly never.
I have added a link to the website of the group I am going with. The packages I am doing are Siyufunda Bush Experience and Noah's Ark Rehabilitation Center in Namibia.
Check them out.
I'm also thinking about a trip to Morocco in Nov. Anybody want to join?
Ok, so a brief update...Len was here...and now he is back in NY. We went back to NY for a wedding and I stayed about 10 days. We knew we were taking him back and he was going to stay for the summer, but I didn't know I was going to question whether or not to have him back here with me.
Needless to say, as you can see by my last few posts, Ozzie and Harriet we were
but this leads me to a question.
What defines a "RELATIONSHIP"? What creates a lifelong, mutually beneficial, loving partnership? What really is love? Is it the fullfilment of all of your expectations by another?
Is it not being able to go more than a few days without hearing that person's voice...even if there are other people in your lives...(you know what I mean)...
is it being able to count on someone being there for you when you need to lean or is it knowing that you can do the leaning?
At what point does a person say, well, I may not be getting a,b and c that would make this a traditional parnership, but in a traditional setting I wouldn't get d,e and f....
Ok so I'm ranting.. I figured if I wrote out what I was thinking I could make more sense of it... but nope..I was
So here I am in Doha, and I am finally going to realize a goal of mine...SA!!! Volunteer style!!!!!
Animals!!!! Learning about conservation!!!! It really is exciting to know that whatever I put my mind to I usually to just picture that
(and that salon I will own one day)
So I am off on my adventure....I will post more when I get back...wish me luck that I stay injury free...

I will say this...everyone needs to get out of thier comfort zone for an extended period of time to really see who they are and what they want. I think when you do the same thing day in and day out you loose sight of YOU. Sometimes it takes going to a country you have never heard of to find yourself again.

Oh..and while we are at it.. if I write it I will do, when I get back from SA, barring any injuries, I am joinging a kickboxing dojo as well as yoga. And I will start riding again, even if it means I have to get up at stupid-o-clock to do it!