Saturday, December 6, 2008

Care packages sent here....

One more thing... if you want to send anything to me this is how to send...

label and send to

niki zborower
c/o Hillary K Reese
DOH 4504
147-29 182nd st
Springfield Gardens, Ny 11413


All packages will be routed through here and then on to me.
any shipping charges I will take care of.
And if anyone is interested in giving to a good cause... I am in desparate need of good tint brushes(like a dozen), like the ones we use at Who Does Your Hair Salon, as well as capes and robes and color keys. (there is only one distributer out here and he had two tint brushes... both crap. We are down to two or three capes in the salon and 6 gowns. I will happily pay back any expenses... but I can't have the stuff sent by a company. There are strange import/export laws here that apply to retailers but not to care packages sent by friends and family. I think it has something to with payoffs and such. Otherwise, just a bit of home is always welcome.
kiss kiss

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