Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In the land of sand and....dairy queen.....

Well...I'm here!!!!Got in Sun night about midnight...The plane ride was alot of sleep, good leg room. But I remember feeling a sense of panic begin to build as I landed in Bahrain....I'm on a German aircraft with a German pilot speaking to me in both German and Arabic... neither of which are terribly beautiful languages to the ear.....(no offense)
and I thought...WHAT THE F@$#%&^K AM I DOING????
Then, we the plane I go... and I see a sea of.... indians???? yup... it was like being in little nepal...or some parts of
my hosts are no where to be found and the panic builds again...and then running through the doors of the airport comes Hillary.....looking like she felt terrible that I was standing there about to cry.....
Sweetest people I have ever met in Doha...(ok, so they were the first people I ever met in Doha, but they are sweet non the less...)
In the car, off to my new abode... very nice abode I might add. It is a villa, which here means basically big house, which he has renovated to accomodate a few apts. Mine is the downstairs. (see pics in post below) It's quite large and comfortable. I just need a few more pieces of furniture...oh wait, part of this was to downsize.... learn to live with less...(more on that in a later post)
The oddest feature about my apt is that the shower is in......the kitchen. It seems as the house was built with the shower upstairs, as most good houses are, and when this was sectioned off to be my apt, a shower was needed. Obviously. And the best place to put it was near the hot water source and that would be... in the kitchen. So, if you are visiting me, and want to eat a nice bfast, I suggest you eat in the living room...or you may be getting more than you bargained for when I step out of the shower getting ready for
In fact that's what I have to do now. Yesterday was my first day of work... hit the ground running.
Out of the airport into the car... to new apt..drop off bags, goto dinner and a local fast food shwarma joint,(but there is a DQ here as well as Fudruckers, McD's, Hardy's and Potatas, just to name a few of the crap food joints we have decided to grace the rest of the world with...) then to Rydges to the Aussie bar for a lungful of ciggy smoke and a beer then off to bed. Next day picked up and whisked to lunch at a french joint, then to the mall for some grocery shopping (carfours) and some essentials... all of a sudden it's midnight... home to bed... to roll around until 8 am...then up and off to work. First day of work I had 13 clients... it was 10 am then next thing I know it's to meet a Welsh lady about renting some horses for the year...( at $250 a month it's a deal!!!), to the souk for icecream and a walkabout...then bed.
And that, ladies and gents, has been the sum of my adventures thus far....
Today I have 14 people scheduled for work, and I am feeling a bit goggled by it.
I have an amazing assistant named Nasreen. She's from Lebanon. Has great hair and a fantastic attitude and is so incredibly helpful. My job here is to train her for her own chair and then get another assistant. Build the business, and basically dazzle the clients.
Fingers crossed I can accomplish that last bit... if yesterday was any indication of how working here is going to be, I can say that I will be the busiest that I have been in my seems they are in desparate need of some good hair dressing here... and at Glow, between myself, Hillary and Nesreen...I think they will find what they are looking for.
Ok, off to work.
Next installment I will be asking the question....."Are the lights here that ominus, creepy yellow color on pupose, or is it just the dust"

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hey niki....happy thanksgiving! do they celebrate in doha ;-) ? thinking of you...sending love