Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm leaving on a jet plane

Ok it is... a few hours until I head off for the great unknown. Very strange day today. I'm spending it with two of the most beloved people in my life. I feel like I should be more freaked out than I am... but then again I feel like I'm just sort of numb. I don't know how I am going to be once I get to the airport, say goodbye to Len and Karen and sit at the gate....alone.
I have made a point of not being alone much these past few weeks... between going home to Az, going to car is an official Ohio resident now, by the way... and basically seeing everyone I can for the goodbyes... as often as I
I have packed with the intention of being gone at least a year, maybe longer.. .but yet I have only two suitcases and a carry on. Feels strange that I once had so much stuff, and thought that I needed all of that stuff to get by and can now safely say that with my two 80lb pieces of luggage, I have wayyyy too much stuff... lol
I have cleaned house, cleaned my emotional closest, and am looking forward to what this new opening can offer me. I only hope that I can learn whatever it is I'm supposed to learn from this new adventure. And I hope that those of you reading this blog will learn something as well.
I have a new phone number .... it is 011 974 687 0376
you can still call the old number, but it wont ring through. I am going to use the old number as an answering machine and will pick up the messages every few days. Also don't forget the SKYPE... I am nikizcolorz on SKYPE. It's so easy to use, even Karen has it on her computer....

I land Sun night at 10pm their time which is about 2 in the afternoon here. I will update this blog on Mon...and I start work on Tue.
Thank you again for all of your support, friendship and love.


Anonymous said...

NIKI!!!! so excited for you! sending you so much love !!! make it great, niki...


Anonymous said...

Hey Niki,
Hope your flight was good! All good things to ya sister!

Talberts said...


We miss you!

We're glad you got there safe and sound. Please tell me it is better than you expected?

Cindy & Paul