Thursday, November 6, 2008

damn, I suck

ok ok... I know I said I would have pics posted, but, I am in Az and don't have the computer with the pics on it with me... I'll get it done, I promise.
So, I'm in Az to visit with the family..and Len has come with me. I really am glad that he is finally getting a chance to share my life with me... only took 7 years... lol
It's strange being here now. Knowing that after next week I won't really know when I am coming home again. Could be a month, a year, three... who knows. I don't know if the reality of the not knowing has hit me yet. All I know is that I am trying, every day, to appreciate everyone in my life.
I think, no matter what, even if I turn right around and get back on a plane for home after two days, this decision is going to be a good one for who I am hoping to be. Who I am but haven't discovered yet.
And I hope to bring you all along with me for the ride.
Ok... enough for now. Gotta go back outside into the sun with Len.
By the way...any thoughts on the new president? On the election? Surprised?
My only thoughts about it at the moment is... how is this going to affect my quality of life in the area I am choosing to move to.

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