Friday, October 31, 2008

Aloha Doha-the first of BLOGS to come

Well, Hello All...
This is my very first blog...ever. I'm sure they will get better as time goes on so please bear with me. Ok. So as you know, I am moving to Doha, Qatar in two weeks. I thought I would blog about my travels and time while there for a few reasons..1)I seem to be heading to a place that most people have never even heard of... myself included, and thought that we all have a pre-concieved notion of what the middle east is. Who these people are. And that there is no way in hell any of us really ever WANT to go there. So, maybe, through my adventurousness(or stupidity) we can all learn a little more, perhaps change our views(or not) and see a part of the world we never thought we would.
2)I wanted to find a way to feel not so far away from you all, and to keep you in my life in one way or another
and 3)So that you can all keep an eye on me. If there is ever two weeks where I don't post please call the embassy in Doha
Emergency assistance for U.S. citizens is available 24 hours a day. In the event of an emergency, please call 974-488-4101 to reach the embassy duty officer.

Consular SectionEmbassy of the United States of AmericaPO Box 2399Doha, QatarTelephone: 974-488-4101 (From the United States, dial 011-974-488-4101 ).Fax: 974-488-4176
Send email to for all American Citizen Services related questions

Please keep checking into the blog about once a week if you can. And email me. ALOT...LOL
So, these past few weeks have been stressful to say the least. I made this decision, not lightly, but with some haste. And since it's been made I have gone thru the gammet (sp?) of emotions.
Cold sweats on the back of my neck morning and night, crying bouts, fear, concern, excitement.
Fear... that's a big one. Fear that I made the wrong decision. Fear that I could get there, hate it and be stuck. Fear that if I want to come home, I have nothing to come back to. Fear that I left a job that could have become quite comfortable if given a year or so...and fear that financially I didn't have a year to pay rent and all of my other bills, having been though so much already these past two years. And fear that if I give in to my fear, I will regret never having taken this chance, this opportunity to expand my scope, explore my world, and perhaps, change my life, because I was too afraid to LIVE.

So, I've decided that whatever it was I had been doing wasn't working. Time for something really new. A completely new direction...and then, this opportunity falls in my lap. Well, actually I applied for a job in a place I had never heard of and then promptly forgot all about it...
until I got an email months later. Forward another month or so, several emails and phone calls later and I was offered the position.
My new employers, Mike and Hillary Kozma, from Oregon. He is half Lebabese(I think), and her family owns a large (very large) wheat ranch. They are also 10 yrs younger than me.
Here they thought they were hiring someone who will take their salon to the next level.. up their game.. and now they are worried I'm not even going to get on the airplane... I guess my freak outs have freaked them out.
So far they seem like lovely people.. they sent me a bunch of photos that I will add into my next blog.
Today I moved out of my apt. and what's left of my belongings are strewn throught three boroughs. I'm officially homeless, jobless, and possessionless...and damn it feels kinda good.
For the first time in my life I am really....less...which I think is going to make me more.
As far as blogs go I know this isn't great, but it's my first... and I have so much I want to get in. I'll do that tomorrow.
I want to thank all of you for keeping an eye on me through my blog, my website, and emails. I am going to be getting Skype soon, so you should all do the same, that way we can talk for free.
Be sure to save the Embassy info listed above. THANKS

Aloha Doha

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